This animated video is composed of a series of 3 animated sketches. Fragment of these paintings were tiled togeather to form the environments for models of fictitious sea creatures to interact and evolve in. This painterly virtual landscape is a panoramic view of an hypothetic scenario when climate change and ocean acidification has had dramatic repercussions on the emergance of new species resistant to these new conditions.
I akbowledge that in our we are compelled to act on the short term not thinking about the repercussions of our actions on the environments for the decades to come.
apathy reigns, underlying the banalisation of marine pollution in our environments…

This animation has been exhibited at Portsmouth’s Big Screen, Gosport’s diving museum, Quay Arts’ 2017 Open exhibition.

Gosport Diving Museum open animation
Gosport Diving Museum Open exhibition
Gosport Diving Museum open animation on the theme of marine pollution